Top Five Favorite Films From 1981

Stripes (1981)

Back again with another top 5 list, this time 1981. Before I get started I wanted to point out something about these lists. The years for each movie is determined by the US theatrical release. I’m using a website called The Numbers – This issue came to light after I posted my Top 5 Films From 1980 list. If you look at IMDB for say, Superman II it lists it as a 1980 movie. However, … Continue reading

Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Avengers - Age Of Ultron

I’m making a real effort to get caught up on my movie reviews here on the site. It took me damn near a year after I saw it to review Transformer: Age of Extinction but I got that one posted earlier in the month and I’m back today with my Avengers: Age of Ultron review. Just as a reminder, these days I review only flicks I see in the theater here on blog. If it’s … Continue reading

I Missed WWE RAW This Week & I Don’t Care


I’ll preface this by giving my professional wrestling “credentials”. I’ve been watching pro wrestling for the more than 30 years. I can remember watching WWF and AWA with my grandfather when I was 6 and 7 years old. I remember a time when there were only 4 PPVs a year. Hell, I remember a time BEFORE pay per view. I remember a time when we didn’t have access to wrestling 24 hours a day 7 … Continue reading

Top Five Favorite Films From 1980

Flash Gordon

I’m a big list guy. If you’ve read my stuff here you know I love putting them together and debating them. I’m starting a new, hopefully regular, series here on the site where I’ll be looking at my favorite films through the years. I got the idea for this when one of my favorite podcasts StarJoes did the same thing. I’m what they call a “child of the 80’s” as I was born in 1976 so … Continue reading

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Transformer - Age Of Extinction

Yes… I’m posting a review of a movie that was released nearly a year ago. When I first started reviewing flicks here on the blog I had more time, less kids and generally less going on in my life. These days, the only stuff I review is stuff I see in the theater that’s NOT a horror flick. Horror reviews are reserved for (head on over if you’re a horror buff). I don’t see … Continue reading

A Thought On Bruce / Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner - Vanity Fair

OK… one random thought on Bruce / Caitlyn Jenner. I’m seeing a lot of people congratulating her for being beautiful. Honestly… this sort of makes me sick. He made a change. He’s a celebrity so he’s brought the topic to national attention. I personally don’t care that he made such a life change and don’t think it’s necessarily my business. That said, the fact that the TOPIC is being talked about is a good thing … Continue reading

Earbud Instruction Manual? Yes, I’m Serious

Earbud Instructions

So I stopped at lunch today to get a new pair of earbuds. I’d left mine at home and I was lucky enough to find a pair on sale for only $4.99. The concept of earbuds (headphones) is pretty straight forward so you can imagine my surprise when I opened them up and saw that they’d come with instructions: Operating Instructions: Insert the audio plug into your iPod / MP3 / audio source’s headphone jack. … Continue reading

People Piss Me Off…

You're An Asshole

Was just in line waiting for lunch at the food court. Guy in front of me who clearly thinks he’s better than the gal serving the food based on his body language proceeds to point to every item (which are clearly marked) and barks “What’s that?!?”  She nicely responds and tells him what every item is. As he’s checking out he says, “Gimme some sauce.” to which she responds “What kind of sauce would you like … Continue reading

Cleveland Patio Drinking Season Has Begun

Patio Drinking

This picture was taken 6 days ago when the sun was out, the temps were in the 80’s and I was sitting on a patio on a Friday afternoon enjoying my first patio beers of the season. It’s been cold the last couple of days (because Cleveland is the sort of town you can experience all 4 seasons in a week) but it’s looking good for the weekend. Love me some patio drinking in the … Continue reading

$15 Minimum Wage – The Great Facebook Debate

Super Size My Wage

Every once in a while I’ll post something on Facebook that tends to hit a nerve with people. I’m not an overly political or relgious guy when it comes to social media because those are lose / lose topics in my book. Unless of course we’re talking about hokey religions and ancient weapons, but I digress… Here’s a look back at a few recent  Facebook discussion that I’ve archived here on the blog: Philip Seymour … Continue reading