A Full Moon Comes To Cleveland

G & C On Top Of The Hay HutA few weeks back (before all this rain we’ve been getting due to Hurricane Sandy) we had our annual Indian Summer here in the Cleveland area.  The Wife to her infinite credit always has stuff planned for us to do, and this year was no different.  One afternoon we took in a Fall Fest at a park in Aurora which included a hay ride around the lake, bounce houses for the kids and a view of the fall trees that was second to none.

After the Fall Fest was over, we headed to one of the few apple orchards in the Cleveland area that actually had apples this year.  The unseasonably warm winter we had last year combined with a nasty frost in the spring left us with almost no apples.  And while the orchard we visited didn’t have any that we could pick, it was will still open to the public and we could walk through.  They had an awesome little hay hut / house built that the kids could climb on (pictured here).  This was also the same day that the Harvest Moon would rise into the night sky.  And boy did the “moon” rise in more ways than one.

The Wife and I were having a grand ol time walking through the orchard, watching the kids play in the hay and zipping between the apple trees.  Next thing I know I can’t find the C-Man.  When I finally found him, he was in the apple orchard… with his pants around his ankles peeing like he didn’t have a care in the world!  Wife and I saw this “full moon” at the same time and rather than freak out we both had the same reaction… we walked away.  Let me tell you.  There’s just something about watching a 4 year old pee in public that on one hand makes you mortified to claim that child, but on the other hand makes you giggle on the inside.

After the orchard, it was about time for dinner.  We had a couple of coupons for free kid’s meals at The Rusty Bucket thanks to all the reading the kids had done over the summer.  After dinner we took the boys putt-putting which is always an adventure.  G got himself a hole in one and not to be outdone C won himself a free Coke which in his eyes was better than winning the Masters.

Talk about an awesome afternoon.  There’s already been talk of cutting down our own Christmas tree this year.  Not sure ol SuperDad’s up for it, but I’ll give it my best shot!

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