A New Link In The Chain

It’s been quite some time since I’ve added something to the blog here, but I assure you I’ve got a good reason.  See, while I haven’t added anything to the site, we’ve been busy adding to our family.  Our little man came into the world on May 4th, 2014!  Yep… he’s a “Star Wars Baby” being born on May the 4th.  How appropriate is that with Dad’s love of Star Wars?

Mom, Link & Dad

It was an interesting ride for sure. Wife had been pretty miserable for quite a few weeks prior to his birth.  The older boys were both early (36 and 37.5 weeks respectively) so the fact that this little guy was 38.5 weeks was quite surprising.  Mama woke up around 5:00 on Sunday morning with some contractions that were already around 2 minutes apart.  GO TIME!

We hauled ass to the hospital breaking quite a few speed limits in the process and I dropped her off at the ER.  It looked completely deserted and she had to walk down a super long corridor having contractions every 2 minutes.  We were even greeted with a sign that said, “No valet parking on weekends.”  Ya know… cause no children are ever born on the weekend.  We finally got in to see a nurse and she proceeded to tell us that they needed to, “Check to make sure you’re in labor.”  Yeah… right.  Wife let her know in no uncertain terms that she was in fact in labor and we really needed to get cracking on that epidural.

After 3 sticks trying to get the IV in they managed to get her hooked up and in came the anesthesiologist.  Oh… forgot to mention that Wife rolled into the hospital at 9 cm.  Yikes.  It took 2-3 tries to get the epidural in but we were FINALLY ready to roll at around 7:30 when the doctor broke water.  She then said, “OK, I’ll check back at 9:30,” and was ready to walk out.  Wife said, “Do you really think I’ll be here for 2 hours,” and doctor said no.  30 minutes later our little man was here!  I don’t want to downplay how awesome Mama did. I’ve seen it 3 times now and I’m absolutely awestruck at how incredible she does every time. Love you Mama!

The Boys

We were out of the delivery room and in to recovery by 10:30. The boys came up to the hospital and got to meet their new brother.  We had quite a few visitors including both sets of grandparents and great gramp.  We only spent one night in the hospital and took our new bundle of joy home the next afternoon around 4:00.  Wife was getting sick of being poked and prodded what seemed like every 12 minutes so we figured we’d get more rest at home.  And boy have we!  This little guy is an absolute ROCK STAR!  He’s not woken up more than once at night and a couple of nights we’ve had to wake him up in the morning to eat.

Talk about an amazing way to start our Spring!  Thanks to everyone for the well wishes, tweets, FB message, food, etc.  Love you guys!

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