A Spaztastic Birthday At The Annex

When you come to The Annex you’re in for a good time whether you’re looking for burgers, drinks or just a place to hang out with your friends.  Hell… you may even run into a birthday celebration (There was a great crew in there there other night when I was there for the August Tweetup).

Check out these pics that Annex fan Michelle sent in!

The cooler at The Annex with a birthday list
The February birthday list at The Annex!

I’ve personally never celebrated my birthday at The Annex, but I think it’s something I just may need to look into next year.  That would be AWESOME!!!

A Spazmatcis sticker at The Annex
The Spazmatics are a great 80’s cover band from Cleveland

The Spazmatics are a great 80’s cover band from Cleveland.  You can find them on the web, on Facebook at  or on Twitter.  Hmm… wonder if they need a new website? 

Special thanks to Facebook fan Michelle for sending these in!  Got some Annex pics of your own?  Get them to me!

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