A Weekend With The Boys – Part II

Slow RideIn my previous post I detailed the events of Friday and Saturday evening with my boys.  By my count Super Dad (yours truly) was behind in the scoring 2 to 4.  I’d been beaten pretty badly but I hit the ground running on Sunday morning ready for a comeback.

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And so it begins…
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And we’re off. Errands… Dad’s best friend. #fb
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I’d purposefully put off this trip till Sunday morning cause I wanted to have a little more time available to us.  We had to make a return out a Aurora Farms and they’ve got a great playground for the boys, a duck pond and a ton of “rides” that G loves.  (As I’m writing that last sentence I realize it sounds eerily similar to “Frank The Tank” in Old School).

As I said, we had a return to make and then my plan was to stick around, play on the playground and let G “drive” some of the cars, planes and trucks.  We made the return with relative ease and it was off to the playground.  The G-man is to a point in his life where he’s fearless.  He’ll climb on anything and always like to take the path of most resistance.  He’s the kid going UP the slide.  Once G’s got something in his mind it’s pretty tough to deter him.  That’s why I was treated to these views pretty much all weekend:

G Running #1
As you can see, G’s off to the races.
G Running #2
I swear I was TRYING to keep up.

Our errands were done and the playground was behind us.  It was time for G to “drive” and we’d be good to go with a successful trip behind us.  NOT SO FAST Super Dad — boom.  Accident.  As I did last night at the mall, I scooped him up and we were off to the bathroom.  Luckily I’d replenished our backup underwear and shorts in the truck so we didn’t have to take a ride home with wet clothes.  For those keeping score:

Super Dad 2 – Kids 5.

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The BoysIt might sound like I’m doing a lot of bitching and I definitely don’t want it to come across that way.  I had an absolute blast this weekend.  Sure I had to change a ton of diapers and had to deal with quite a few potty accidents but with kids this cute who can complain?

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Fries, rings and shakes. Oh my. #fb
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That’s right, I decided on the way home to really up the “dad is cool” quotient and spring for Burger King.  Definitely not something we do on a regular basis but all in all my boys were awesome for me all weekend and I wanted to treat them (not to mention that I’m a sucker for fast food).  Needless to say, they really enjoyed their burger, fries and especially their milkshake!

Super Dad 3 – Kids 5.

After all that I’d been through this weekend I decided to cut my losses and stay at home after nap time.  We had an absolute blast playing with the bubble grill (which G decided he’d use as a blower to go along with his power tool obsession).  C was content to sit with me for a while and try to chew on my sandal.  When he figured out that I wasn’t going to allow that he was off to the races as well and I spent the better part of the afternoon/evening chasing them around the yard.  After the weekend we had it was a great way to end.

After I’d put them to bed I did something that I’ve not done in a long time… I sat in a quiet house and read a book.  I was taping the Indians game so I could zip through it later, the NBA Finals sucked and I was exhausted.  I’ll reiterate again – not sure how Amanda does this on a regular basis.  She’s truly amazing.

Even though I lost the final tally 3-5 I felt like the King of the World.  I’d managed to get through a weekend with no broken bones, didn’t watch too much TV with the boys, managed to win a couple of bucks playing online poker and had a great time doing it all.  The only thing that would have made it better would have been if Amanda was here with us… come home soon babe.

PS – Don’t tell Amanda about these posts… if she thinks I can handle it on my own she’ll get some crazy ideas and be jetting off all the time * gulp * 😉

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