ABC’s V – And Now We Have To Wait… But Why Would We?

I imagine by now everyone that’s going to has watched the last episode of ABC’s V.  In case you don’t know (as if ABC wasn’t beating you over the head with it) this was the last episode of the year.  ABC has chosen not to compete with the Olympics and is not giving us new episodes of V until March 2010.  I’m a huge fan of the original miniseries so they already had me hooked and quite frankly I’d watch it whenever it came back.  But I really wonder if they’ve done enough in these first 4 episodes to hook non-original fans.


ABC’s V – No Cliffhanger

Honestly I was expecting some huge cliffhanger.  Elizabeth Mitchell’s character Erica dying or pregnant.  A Visitor “unmasked” on national television like in the original.  Hell, even a big fight between the Visitors and the resistance.  Unfortunately we were given none of that.  We were shown the fact that there were a shit ton of ships waiting in orbit.  Um… OK.  Did we honestly think that it was JUST these 29 ships?

I’m not suggesting that this episode wasn’t good because it absolutely was.  In fact it was probably my favorite of the first 4.  But when it ended I had a distinct “That’s it?” feeling.  The wife has actually gotten into this show with me (which rocks cause there’s little on TV that we both like) and she said the same thing.

Like I said.  I’m going to be on board regardless of when it comes back.  I’m really curious as to how many of these new V fans will come back in the new year.  Time will tell.

And for one crackpot theory that I’m hoping desperately comes true…

John May will be played by Marc Singer.

I can only hope.  How damn cool would that be???

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  1. Spert :

    Not one rat eaten…bummer.

    Tell me about it! That reveal in the original was one of the best of all time! All we’ve really seen “alien” is that dude’s eye. WHEN are we going to SEE a V???

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