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Chewie Shocker JerseyThe first question is obvious… What is 406 Northlane?  The short answer is that it was our address when we were in college at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.  The more accurate answer is that it is part of so many of my memories that I’ll never forget it.  It’s become bigger in my mind that it ever was in reality… 406 was more than a place: it was a state of mind.  It represents a time in my life that I’ll never be able to recapture but that I’ll never forget.

At this point, 406Northlane.com has become my personal blog.  The opinions contained within are mine and mine alone (except on the rare post or two where I have a guest blogger… then the opinions are theirs and theirs alone.)

I grew up in the Cleveland area and went away to IU for school.  After college my lovely wife and I spent a few years in D.C. and we’ve since back to the Cleveland area.  I love this town and will defend her to the death.

We’ve got a dog and two three wonderful boys who are a complete handful (as chronicled occasionally here on the site).  If you read through a couple of posts on the site you’ll quickly see that I’m passionate about my family, being a geek and not acting my age.  My other passions can be found at www.killthecan.org (an organization that I co-founded in 2006 when I quit chewing tobacco after 17 years) and www.scaretissue.com (a website Pip and started dedicated to all things horror).

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