Action Lab Entertainment Presents: Double Jumpers

Double Jumpers #1 By Action Lab EntertainmentI’m a geek.  A comic book nerd.  I’m an 80’s movie quoting, hair metal loving dork.  I have been for as long as I can remember.  Unfortunately, as life has gotten in the way of my wasted youth, one of the things that has fallen by the wayside for a variety of reasons has been reading comic books.  Luckily, these days, there are a variety of ways for me to “keep up” with my old comics and get introduced to new ones.

One of my absolute favorite podcasts is known simply as The Geek Savants.  It’s 4 guys who sit around and talk about the geekery in their lives.  Topics range from comics, movies, kids, work, pop culture and music.  They’re always “real” and while the language and content certainly aren’t for everyone they’re right up my alley!

One of the Savants, Dave Dwonch, also happens to be the Creative Director of Action Lab Entertainment –  Dave was nice enough to pass along a copy of Action Lab’s latest release, Double Jumpers, for review.  And I’ve got to say… WOW.

This initial issue is written “inside out” by showing you how it’s going to end before it starts.  Think Yoda-speak in comic storytelling.  The story begins… er… ends, in “present day” and then flashes back to medieval times, and then flashes back to present day which is prior to the present day that we started with.  If that sounds confusing it’s cause I meant it to be.  You really need to experience the “jumps” in Double Jumpers for yourself to truly appreciate it.

The artwork (art and colors by Bill Blankenship) is crisp for both the medieval times stuff, as well as the present day stuff.  The plot (story, script & letters by Dave Dwonch) is fast paced and is really a page turner that left me wanting more.  Just as the Geek Savants is a podcast for “mature audiences”, this book is clearly for a more mature reader, which to me is a very good thing.  Going the mature route allows Dwonch & Blankenship to tackle some pretty great imagery, language and topics that they probably wouldn’t have been able to do in an all-ages book.

The plot revolves around video game designers who are working to put out their latest creation The Dungeon Lords 2: The Darkheart Chronicles.  Jason, Andrew, Maxine, Milo, Tom & Danielle have to deal with some bad press, tight timelines and a game that’s not quite where it needs to be to meet a promised Christmas release date.

Negative 5 HitpointsFor video game geeks out there, you’re going to love the “in-game” nods to you such as when one character hits another and she takes -5HP.  Very nice touch from the Action Lab folks.  The way the story flows between “in-game action” and “between the sheets action” is flawless and there’s pop culture nods throughout the book.  I was a bit confused when real life and game life get mixed up Matrix-style but I have a feeling that’s exactly what Dwonch was going for.  For someone who hasn’t read a monthly comic in YEARS I can tell you that I’ll definitely be picking up the next issue of Double Jumpers where according to the back cover of this issue, “Shit gets real…”  Can’t wait!!!

Special thanks to Dave Dwonch for sending me a copy of Double Jumpers #1 and huge props to Action Lab Entertainment for putting out an outstanding book.  You can find them on the web at and don’t forget to check out the scummiest podcast on the web at

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