And Now That The Holidays Are Over… Snow Sucks

Who's Tired Of Snow?The first snow of the year is a magical thing isn’t it?  Winter has finally come and everyone is happy to have it.  There’s nothing better than a white Christmas to put everyone in a great mood.  However, when you live in Cleveland you need to know that December snow is just the tip of the iceberg… a HUGE iceberg.

Once the holidays are over we typically have at least a good 3 months (sometimes more) in front of us from a snow perspective.  And it’s not that “hey it’s snowing that’s nice” type of snow.  It’s the “good lord how can it snow when it’s this cold” type of snow.  And for some reason, the snow in Cleveland is no longer white… it’s gray.  And you need an ice pick to shovel it.

Ahh… how I love winter!

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