And You Wonder Why Athletes Get A Bad Name

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the video from last night’s Oregon vs. Boise State where LeGarrette Blount sucker punches Byron Hout.  Kind of ironic that this game began with a pre-game handshake which was to represent good sportsmanship in this college football season.  Absolutely crazy.  In my opinion this dude should be suspended for at least a couple of games…

One thought on “And You Wonder Why Athletes Get A Bad Name

  1. Just to close the loop here. Legarrette Blount has been suspended for the entire season (including any post season bowl game). Blount is a senior so this decision essentially ends his career. I can’t see him latching on to an NFL team after this. He’s the type of player that really needed a good senior season to get him onto an NFL roster. What surprises me most is that Oregon is going to keep him on scholarship. You hate to see this type of thing but if you ask me he got what he deserved.

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