Annex Burger Through The Lens Of A Photographer

A world famous Annex burger always looks amazing.  But in the hands of a skilled photographer you get something truly breathtaking.  OK… so maybe I’m overselling a bit.  Perhaps the burgers aren’t “world famous” and perhaps I shouldn’t be comparing this picture to the Mona Lisa, but in my mind this is just as inviting as fine art.

Annex Burger Via @TamarieKeehn
Photo courtesy @TamarieKeehn. Great #shot lady!

Tammy tweeted this pic a while back and I snagged it cause I just knew that I’d post it some day… that day’s today!  If you’re like me and you see the brilliance in this picture you can check out Tammy on the web at  Tell her Chewie says hi!

Anyone else hungry?

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