Art Imitating Life

I’ve got a couple of images floating around on my hard drive that I just need to share.  If you read my stuff more than once, you’ll know that family comes first.  Sure, I’ll bitch about my kids now and then but they (and the Wife) mean the world to me.  One of the things that always struck me growing up is how many pictures we took but never really looked at.  I’m trying to remedy that at least a bit with this site.

Walking Through The Woods

It’s not all that often that we have pictures of all of us.  This particular shot came from a family shoot with a professional photographer.  We like it so much that we ended up using it for our family Christmas card.  Not only was it a beautiful fall day, but we managed to capture everyone looking at the camera at the same time (and Ralph was in there too!)

Cartoon Versions Of Us

A couple of weeks back, we attended an alumni event at Kent State University with the family and the in-laws.  The Wife, my mother in-law and father in-law all graduated from Kent and they were having an ice skating event at the rink.  In any case, they had an artist there doing caricatures and we jumped at the chance.  I don’t care how big the artist thinks our ears and teeth are… love these guys.

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