Asshole Telemarketers – Ignoring The Do Not Call Registry?

Asshole TelemarketersTelemarketers are a part of life.  I personally spent some time as a telemarketer when I was in college at Indiana University calling on behalf of the Indiana Troopers Benevolent Association.   Even though I’ve got my cell number on the National Do Not Call Registry, I get between 10-30 telemarketing calls a month.  The overwhelming majority of these calls are from groups looking for accredited investors to invest in their venture.  These ventures range from oil and gas drilling to silver and gold mining.  I get quite a few New York / New Jersey guys calling me looking to handle my investments.  I’ve even had groups calling me seeing if I want to invest in upcoming movies and last month I had a call asking if I wanted to invest in Marilyn Monroe stamps.

These telemarketers have several ways around the Do Not Call Registry ranging from blatantly ignoring it to some fine print when you sign up for a variety of programs.  I’m guessing I get the majority of these calls based on the fact that I’m the owner of a LLC in the state of Ohio.  But I digress.

I recently received a call from (818) 206-1228.  Upon subsequent investigation, this number is from the Northern Los Angeles area (Canoga Park, California).  Dude was looking for an investment. When I told him that I’d asked to be removed from his list a year ago, he said, “Wow… is it just lack of money?” to which I responded, “No… lack of interest.”

He responded with,”Wow… you’re in marketing and you don’t know what the hell you’re doing.”

This is a downright hilarious response in my opinion.  So apparently, just because I choose to not invest in what he’s selling, I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.  I have to ask myself… If this investment is so fool proof and I “don’t know what I’m doing” because I don’t want to invest in it… Why didn’t dude invest?  Why is he calling me about it?

Like I said… hilarious.

Got your own telemarketer story?  Let me hear it!

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  1. Obviously, they don’t respect the law. If you guys read the posts at , complaints against telemarketers top the list. There’s just no end to all the nuisance calls.

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