Better Later Than Never – The Beeramid 2010

Well Pip beat me to it on Facebook, but I simply MUST post the 2010 Beeramid photos here on 406.  As per tradition, we had our WrestleMania 26 Drinking Game that was helping us along the way in our quest.  This year however, we decided not to just take a “before” and “after” picture, but also decided to do a little pictorial.  So here, without further adieu… is Beeramid 2010!

Beeramid 2010 - The Calm Before The Storm
The Calm Before The Storm
Row #1 - We're On Our Way
Row #1 – We’re On Our Way
Beeramid 2010 - Row #2 - In For A Long Haul
Row #2 – In For A Long Haul

At this point, we knew we were in for a fight.  Regardless of what we’d like to think, we can’t “git r done” the same way we used to.

Beeramid 2010 - Row #3 - Hitting Our Stride
Row #3 – Hitting Our Stride
Beeramid 2010 - Row #4 - We... Can... Do... It
Row #4 – We… Can… Do… It
Beeramid 2010 - Row #5 - Gonnna Make It
Row #5 – Gonnna Make It
Beeramid 2010 - Row #6 - The Champs Are HERE!!!
Row #6 – The Champs Are HERE!!!

Look at that… no matter how many times we complete the beautiful structure it feels good to have won.  This year, WrestleMania was out west so the show started a little bit earlier in the afternoon.  That being said, even though we were done with our building, we had a long time until the show was done.  It was at that point that we made a decision… one… more… row.  Me being the jackass that I am, figured I’d get things started by shotgunning one.  Bad idea.

Beeramid 2010 - Shotgunning... Always A Good Idea
Shotgunning… Always A Good Idea
Beeramid 2010 - A Tired Champion
A Tired Champion
Beeramid 2010 - Row #7 - A Beeramid Record!!!
Row #7 – A Beeramid Record!!!

WrestleMania XXVII (that’s 27 folks) will be held in Atlanta, Georgia on April 3, 2011.  We’ve got it on our calendar… until next time!

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