Birthday Party Crashed By a Lumberjack

LumberjackEvery parent wants to give their child the best.  I live for my kids and there’s nothing better than me being able to bring a smile to their faces.  Unfortunately (for me) there are many times that I’m a bit too juvenile for my own good.  This is GREAT for connecting with the kids… not so great for ensuring that the wife and I are on the same page from a parenting perspective.

I’ve said on many occasion that my son loves all things “manly”.  He’s obsessed with the lawnmower, the edger, the blower, the power trimmers, etc.  I’ve learned that he’s merely following in his father’s footsteps.  His grandmother love to tell stories about how I followed my dad around the yard with my little lawnmower (a trait that the G-man has taken up as well).

I recently had an opportunity to give my son (what I thought) would be a great birthday gift – NOISE!  He turns 3 on Tuesday and this past weekend we had a family birthday party for him.  As fate would have it, I had a tree in the backyard that needed taken down so I asked my dad if he wouldn’t mind bringing his chainsaw over.  I really didn’t intend on doing it  the party but my idiot brain figured it was as good a time as any so off we went.

So dinner is done and I ask G if he would like daddy to use the chainsaw.  His eyes lit up and that was the only answer I needed.  After getting the saw started (which was a pain in the ass – why is it that EVERY 2-cycle engine is difficult to start???) we made quick work of the tree.  We then had three generations (my dad, myself and G) pulling the tree back into the woods.

I have to say that I was so enthralled with making my son happy that I never stopped to consider the disruption felling a tree might have on our dinner party.  In fact if the wife hadn’t said something to me that night I wouldn’t have though twice.  I’ll chalk it up to trying to be the best dad that I can be and making my kid happy.

Happy birthday G-man… love you.  TIMBER!!!

3 thoughts on “Birthday Party Crashed By a Lumberjack

  1. First off, the only 2-cycle engines that are hard to start are those that are not used enough. You obviously need to find more trees.

    Second, which will G remember a week, month, or year from now? The dinner party or the tree?

    The only thing better would have been waiting for dark, wearing headlamps while cutting it down, setting it on fire, and cooking red meat over the coals.

    Third and final, teach G not to let the grill sit in its box in the garage over the summer.

  2. You’re right on when it comes to the 2-cycles. Thinking about it further I never have any problems with my blower or edger. Time to get some firewood prepped for the winter!

    Goo call on the “what will G remember” idea.

    As for the grill… some things I’ll never live down 😉

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