Bow Down To The Plaid Flannel

Pip, Wes & ChewieI’m not sure when it happened.  Must have been sometime between when I left Cleveland and arrived in Bloomington.  Plaid became cool.  And not just plain plaid… FLANNEL plaid.

Perhaps it was a carryover from the “grunge” movement that was sweeping the nation but I can tell you this – the majority of the pictures I’ve got from college have SOME plaid flannel in them.

As you can see here, I’m sporting the standard backwards IU cap and I complete the ensemble with a plaid flannel shirt and some sort of fruity looking beer in a house mug.

Wes takes his plaid one step further and goes with a patterned jacket.  Nice touch.

While there’s no plaid or flannel visible for Pip here you can rest assured that underneath his IU sweatshirt the plaid is lurking.

These days I try to keep my flannel to a minimum (only when I’m going lumber jacking).

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