Bret & Vince One More Time?

Vince McMahonSo Vince McMahon went on Monday Night Raw the other night and stated that Bret Hart would never be seen in the WWE again.  This of course means that we will DEFINITELY see Bret Hart in the WWE again and I’m thinking that will happen very soon.  Sounds to me like they’re setting up a Bret vs. Vince WrestleMania match for WrestleMania XXVI (75 days from today!!!)

I have to say that I’ll be incredibly let down if they DON’T pay off this angle.  I’m not saying that I need to see a WrestleMania match, but it would be positively stupid if they brought Bret back for one night to go against TNA only to let it go away without a payoff.

Time will tell.

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  1. I say Bret makes an appearance at the Rumble and does something to piss off Vinnie boy. The result will be one of the coolest WM’s in history!

  2. Oooh… that’s good. Hadn’t even considered that. Found this from the Vancouver Sun which is making it look promising:

    The real question is… why the hell didn’t they do something like this for LAST year… you know… the 25th WrestleMania?

  3. Just going back through some old blog posts and ran across this one. Yes indeed they gave us this match. And yes indeed it sucked major balls. Per my recap – – probably the worst match on the card. Too bad cause it could have been great even with Bret being in the physical shape he’s in. Oh well… at least there’s next year.

  4. True that man, it was a HUGE letdown. Good thing was, we were drunk and it didn’t really matter.

  5. Crap… that reminds me. I totally spaced on putting up the 2010 Beeramid pics. I’ll get them up in the next couple of days… there are some EPIC ones in there!

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