Genesee and Jack at The Annex

Genesee & Jack Daniel's

It’s been forever and a day since I’ve added a new Beer Shots entry – all the way back in August! To be fair, I haven’t been all that good of a blogger recently at all. With that being said, what better to get back into it than with a shot from one of my favorite dives on the planet… The Annex. I went to The Annex a while back to get a burger for … Continue reading

Around The Campfire

Around The Campfire

We did some camp firing this past weekend and this shot that had been in my drafts for quite some time came to mind. If memory serves me correctly this was the final camp fire at our old house before we moved. We moved out in October 2014 and moved into our new home in December after a couple month stint with the in-laws. Family. Jack on the rocks. Camp fire. S’mores. Fall is right … Continue reading

Summer Shandy at Quaker Steak & Lube

Summer Shandy - Quaker Steak

Summer is upon us and it’s time for another entry to Beer Shots! I don’t know about you, but as the weather gets warmer I tend to drink different types of beers. Winter is for darker stouts and summer is for IPA, wheat beers and shandy! This particular photo is from a couple of years ago and marked my first Summer Shandy of the year. I don’t drink them all summer as they tend to … Continue reading

Chillwave & Jack at The Tap House

Chillwave & Jack Daniel's

The Lincoln Tap House is our regular spot for Happy Hour on Friday evenings. Some nights we just stay for a drink or two and other times it turns into a longer affair. I’m not traditionally a huge IPA fan, but there are a couple of exceptions to that and Chillwave Double IPA from Great Lakes Brewing is one of them. A shot and a beer to kick off the weekend never looked so good.

Miller Lite In The Woods of Hocking Hills

Beer Shots - Hocking Hills, OH

I snapped this Beer Shots entry a few years back when Wife and I went to Hocking Hills, Ohio for a get away weekend. We had a little cabin in the middle of the woods complete with a hot tub overlooking a ravine. It was super relaxing… especially since I had a cooler stocked with beer and wine. I catch a lot of flack from my beer drinking friends but I’ll tell you what… I … Continue reading

Shot and a Beer – What’s Your Choice?

Shot & A Beer

I have no idea where this picture was taken. It looks like it may be either the Winking Lizard or The Annex. Either way it looks damn good and a mighty fine way to kick off whatever evening it was. What I can tell you with a pretty high degree of certainty is that the beer was either Miller Lite or Yuengling and the shot was most definitely Jack Daniel’s. That’s my go to. Are you … Continue reading

The Boardwalk On Put-In-Bay – Summer Shandy

Shandy - Put In Bay

Today’s entry for Beer Shots puts me in a summer sort of mood. Way back in 2012, we spent an afternoon up on Put-In-Bay. It was brutally hot so finding some shade at The Boardwalk for lunch was a treat. Ya know what else was a treat? An ice cold Summer Shandy! If we’re to believe yesterday’s article, Spring is on the way. And even though Winter hasn’t been all that bad, this guy … Continue reading

Bump & A Beer – Fat Tony’s – Kalamazoo, MI

Beer Shots - Fat Tony's - Kalamazoo, MI

It’s been some time since I did a Beer Shots piece here on the site. When I think “shot and a beer” I’m thinking Miller and Jack and here it is. Taken at Fat Tony’s – Kalamazoo, MI which is sadly now closed. A shot of Jack Daniel’s and a cold Miller Lite to wash it down. Not sure I could ask for anything more.

The Only Way To Watch A Browns Game

The Browns are bad this year. Really bad. Like… historically bad. There’s been a ton of talk about boycotting the team. There’s been rumblings that the team will once again move from Cleveland. Some people would be crushed. Many people wouldn’t care at this point. I went to the Monday Night Football game where the Browns battled the Ravens and managed to lose on a last second blocked  field goal that the Ravens took to … Continue reading

A Cleveland Staple – Great Lakes Christmas Ale

Great Lakes Brewing - Christmas Ale

I was going through my hard drive this evening and ran across this beauty. I’m sort of shocked it’s taken me so long to get to it. Total oversight on my part. It’s November so that means just about every bar in Cleveland now has Great Lakes Christmas Ale on tap and will through the holidays. And it’s absolutely glorious. Honestly I have no idea where this photo came from. I don’t “think” I took it … Continue reading