Die Hard the Christmas Movie – Explained

Die Hard Still

Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Once the holidays are in sight that question begins to be debated, hotly, on what seems like a yearly basis. I’ve always been of the opinion that yes, Die Hard is absolutely a Christmas movie. It also happens to be one of the best action movies ever made. For as convinced as I am that it IS a Christmas movie, there are naysayers out there that will argue that … Continue reading

PS4 vs. Xbox One – Which To Buy?

PS4 vs Xbox One

OK… I’m considering finally getting into the 21st century and buying a current generation system. Here’s a a little of my gaming background. I played the hell out of several gaming systems growing up (Atari 2600, NES, Sega Master System, Gesis, PlayStation, Xbox, N64). We played so much online casino games in college it’s not even funny. We ended up winning money playing the best online casinos for Australia players at Easy Mobile Casino more … Continue reading

WWF Royal Rumble (1994) Pinball Machine

So my brother Mark went and bought himself a kickass new toy last week – a WWF Royal Rumble pinball machine from 1994. This goes nicely with his Tommy Pinball Wizard machine but I digress… So I went over this weekend to help him get it into the basement and get it set up. This machine is beautiful. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up. With that said though, we’ve got an … Continue reading

Honestly? The Doggie Doo?

Doggie Doo Game

I ran across this little gem the other day and it compelled me to write.  Regardless of my social media banterings, I tend to be a little bit slow on the uptake on these sorts of “phenomenons”. I’d never heard of a Leap Pad until the wife told me I had to be at Target five mornings a week before 8:00 AM to get one. I’d never heard of The Elf On The Shelf until … Continue reading

No Love For The Crocs

My Crocs At The Home Depot

I recently posted this picture to my Facebook page.  Now I know that Crocs aren’t “cool” by any stretch of the imagination, but I have to say I was a little bit shocked at just how much people hate these shoes. Interested in the responses?  Here they are (some of them had me rolling)… not cool..lmao! Yuck Lowes is much better you shouldn’t be wearing those unless you’re mario batali or 6. -5 cool points … Continue reading

Please Provide The Context

Context Please

I’m looking for someone out there on the Intrawebs to help me out.  406 is typically apolitical blog and I intend on keeping it that way.  I’m actually just looking for some help.  Could someone please give me the context to this picture: Here’s how it was presented to me (via email).  Apparently I’m looking at our Commander in Chief purposefully NOT saluting the American flag during recent Fort Hood memorial services.  I can only … Continue reading

The Jean Tag – Over Or Under?

Jean Tags

Luckily I work in an office environment where jeans are acceptable work attire.  That said I wear them most days (when I don’t have a client meeting) and I had a thought cross my mind this morning – over or under? Most of my jeans have these tags along the belt line.  Many brands give you the option of putting your belt under the tag so you can still see it.  I’ve always been one … Continue reading

Drive Through People – Please… Wipe Off My Drink

The Drive Through

I’m a pretty level-headed guy.  I tend to live my life with an “is what it is” or “roll with the punches” approach.  There are not too many things that really piss me off.  This happens to be one of them. You drive through your favorite drive through and get your favorite tasty beverage.  Invariably they hand you your drink and straw and there’s pop all over the outside of the cup!  What… the… fuck!  … Continue reading

Rooting For The “Other” Team

Browns / Steelers Rivalry

I live in Cleveland, Ohio.  I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Anyone who knows anything about the NFL knows that one of the greatest rivalries in the sport is the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns. They hate each other. Their fans hate each other. The two cities hate each other. That said, there are a few people living in Cleveland that like the Steelers and I happen to be one of them.  I’m a … Continue reading

Diet Pop, Soda, Pepsi, Etc.

Diet Pepsi Dispenser

OK.  Some people call it soda, some call it pop, some call it Pepsi, others still call it a soft drink.  Just so we’re clear, I’m talking about the stuff that comes in a can/bottle that’s oh so refreshing. So here’s my question — what the hell’s so damn bad about it?  I’ve seen the emails about how it eats through bolts and can get blood off the highway.  I’m not referring to that.  Why … Continue reading