Parents of Child Athletes Should Remember This

Your Child's Success

I coached my son’s little league team this past season. I had an awesome group of kids, some who were great ballplayers and some who had never played organized baseball. I’m happy to say that I didn’t have any issues with parents getting involved, complaining about my coaching or how the game was played. Sadly, I saw many parents (and coaches) on opposing teams that weren’t so luck. Far too often these days, parents take … Continue reading

Proud To Be A Wrestling Fan AKA Mark

AJ Styles On Wrestling Marks

I ran across this meme of professional wrestler A.J. Styles talking about “marks”. “People use the word “mark” as some sort of disparaging term. It’s not. We, as wrestling fans, are all marks. If you’ve ever bought a ticket to  show, you’re a mark. If you’ve ever cheered or booed someone, you’re a mark. Hell, I’m a mark. I am a professional wrestling mark. Being a mark isn’t bad. It should be a term of … Continue reading

Never Forget…

Never Forget AOL

The struggle was real. Kids today don’t understand how good they have it when it comes to browsing the Internet. “Back in my day”… we didn’t have WiFi. We didn’t have hot spots. We didn’t have cell phones, or iPods or iPads or digital cameras. When we wanted to connect to fired up the modem and watched this screen while we listened to the most annoying sound on the planet. And we liked it. Feel … Continue reading