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Diet Pepsi Dispenser
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Diet Pop, Soda, Pepsi, Etc.

OK.  Some people call it soda, some call it pop, some call it Pepsi, others still call it a soft… read more Diet Pop, Soda, Pepsi, Etc.

Email Is Here To Stay
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Email Pet Peeves

Email is here to stay.  We all get hundreds of emails on a daily basis so I’m not going to… read more Email Pet Peeves

Jib Jab - Time For Some Campaigning
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This Is Brilliant!

I’m not big on political stuff simply because I have YET in my time on Earth run across an argument… read more This Is Brilliant!

Katie Morgan @ The 2006 AVN Show
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Chewie at the 2006 AVN Awards

Ahhh… The AVN (Adult Video News) Awards.   Though you may know it as “The Oscars of Porn”.  Years ago,… read more Chewie at the 2006 AVN Awards