Chewie & Crewie: Some Quality Time With The C-Man

Once you have that second child your alone time with either one of them starts to really be difficult to come by.  Recently, the stars have aligned and I’ve gotten to hang out with my little man one on one.  The rest of this post is just going to be some pictures and videos with my comments.  If that sort of thing doesn’t interest you feel free to move along 😉  However, if you’re interested in seeing one cute kid continue!

G and his mom got last minute tickets the other night to Shrek The Musical so C and I were on our own.  The kid is a HUGE fan of lawnmowers, snow blowers and TOYS so I asked him whether he wanted to go to Home Depot or Sears.  He chose Sears so off we went.

C Man In Sears
As C was checking out stuff in Sears, I realized that “Cats In The Cradle” was playing over the PA system… eerie.

This dude just can’t get enough lawn mowers. I don’t think there’s anyone more excited for spring… except maybe his brother.

After the lawnmower, C jumped on a bike and proceeded to check stuff out.  Stupid me for filming in portrait rather than landscape… but hey, it was one of the first videos I shot on my iPhone.

After Sears I decided that it wasn’t quite time for bed and since Mom & G were out having a good time so would we.  It was off to Mitchell’s for some ICE CREAM!

Waiting For Some Ice Cream
Everyone thinks their kids are the cutest.  I submit this photo of C waiting for his ice cream as Exhibit A as to why mine trumps all.

Ice cream!  Thanks Daddy!

A few days later, it was “Dad’s Day” at the C-man’s school.  Talk about an awesome time!

Who's #1?
Who’s Number 1?  This guy. C wearing the crown that he made for the two of us.  Mine didn’t fit at all, but it was totally worth it to see how happy he was.
Bob The Builder Has Nothing On C
Bob The Builder has nothing on the C-man.

After we played for a while, C took a spin around the gym on his “hog”.  TREMENDOUS!

Play Dough Time!
Time for some good old fashion Play Dough.  Who DOESN’T think this stuff rocks?
Snack Time
After a long day of hanging out at school with Dad we needed some refreshment.

At the end of the day, C’s class put on a little number.  The audio isn’t here, but you can see why my heart melts to see my little man.  Love you buddy!

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