Chicken Fingers & Pasta To The Rescue

The Kid LeashIt’s been a while since I’ve said a whole lot about the boys so I figured today was as good a day as any.  A couple of weeks back we took our yearly trip to Naples, Florida.  The wife went down about 10 days before I did and then I went down, spent a few days and then we all came back together.  Normally we have GREAT weather but this year it was unseasonably cold in Florida and we only got one day in the pool.  In fact other than that one day we had temperatures in the 50s every day.  One morning it was in the 30s when we woke up!  Sure, that sounds cold, but you need to realize that when I left Cleveland it was 12 degrees and there was almost 30 inches of snow on the ground.  Still a good trade off in my book.

On the way home from South Florida I realized that I’d become what I never wanted to be… an overprotective parent.  As you can see by the picture here we broke out the ol “kid leash” (which I never said I’d use) carefully disguised as a monkey backpack.  Luckily the C-man really didn’t mind and we did manage to keep him with us the entire trip.

Last night, the wife was out so it was up to Super Dad to feed the boys and take care of bedtime.  Before mom left she gave us a frozen stir fry (Steak and Broccoli to be exact).  If you’ve never had one of these beauties allow me to give you a product review: small.  To give steak equal billing with broccoli is kind of an injustice.  The bag contained about 3 pieces of “steak” which was given the boys who typically eat steak like it’s going out of style.  G normally LOVES broccoli but of course on this night he ate about two pieces and was done.  The C man doesn’t eat veggies unless they’re in stew or soup so I’m screwed there too.  So… I headed downstairs into the freezer to see what I could find.  Chicken fingers – SCORE!  Baked those babies up and I was good to go.  I raided the fridge and found some leftover pasta, threw on some marinara sauce and Super Dad came through once again.

One GREAT thing about quitting my job is that while I’m looking for a new gig I’ve got tons of time to spend with the family.  This morning we took the opportunity to have some family fun time at the indoor pool.  Of course it dropped about 12 degrees over night and it was REALLY cold as we walked into the pool.  Kids say some strange things and today was no exception.  As we were getting out of the car G casually said, “God damn it’s cold.”  Mom was not happy.  Not sure I’ve had a prouder moment 😉  (kidding… kind of)

As I talked about earlier, we had some crappy weather when we were in Florida.  That’s not to say we didn’t have a GREAT time though cause we absolutely did!  We just had to get a bit… creative.  Enjoy!

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