Christmas Lights Before Thanksgiving

Christmas LightsI have to say that normally Christmas lights up before Thanksgiving really irritates me.  Traditionally, A and I have put up our Christmas tree (and associated decorations) either the day after Thanksgiving or at the very latest Saturday or Sunday.  This year I’m sorry to say that I’m a complete offender of my own rule.  While I don’t have my Christmas tree up yet, we’ve had a couple of BEAUTIFUL weekends in a row and for once I took that as a sign and actually strung my exterior lights before it was 12 below zero here in balmy Cleveland.

I suppose that putting them up wouldn’t go against my rule… hell, that’s just good planning.  But I’ve got to come clean once again.  I’ve had my lights lit all week.  But I’m not the only one!  4 people of our culdesac are also offenders.  I’m thinking it’s purely because the weather has been so nice in the past few weekends that people figured “What the hell – I’ve got them up, might as well turn them on.”

Now… just cause I bent my own rule about lights before Thanksgiving don’t go thinking that I’ll be breaking any rules when it comes to when they come down… New Years Day.  Period, end of story.  If you don’t physically take them down that’s fine but PLEASE don’t continue to keep them lit after that… and God forbid don’t have them lit till Easter.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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