“Daddy” Your Way To A Slimmer You

G's BikeOne of my favorite things about the summer is the additional time I get to spend with my wife and kids.  We don’t watch a lot of TV the way it is, but during the summer we really take advantage and spend a lot of time outside.  We’re lucky enough to live in a community where we’ve got plenty of spots to go on family bike rides.

G has made great strides this summer both in the pool and on the bike.  A few weeks back we went down to Lake Erie and took a bike ride along the lake with the G-man riding his own bike!  Way to go big man!  The other night, we decided to hit the trails around home the other night and G wanted to ride his own bike once again… for a while.

C was content to sit in his trailer (which Super Dad naturally pulls) but G insisted when we left the house that he wanted to ride.  We asked if he was sure as we were going to go for quite a while and he insisted that he’d be OK.  As you can imagine, he did great… for about a mile or so until he decided that he was tired.  So… what to do.  The G-man is tired, it’s starting to get late and we’re a mile from home on the golf course.  I didn’t want to leave the bike, so I did what every (stupid) dad would do… picked it up and rode home.

Now I get a good enough workout as it is when I’m pulling the boys.  Between them and the trailer, I’m pulling an additional 100+ lbs not to mention my fat ass.  Throw in the weight of this bike which I’m carrying with one hand and needless to say I was sweating like a pig when I got home.  (It WAS like 90 degrees outside with like a billion % humidity as well).  After all my trials though, I do have to say that it was totally worth it to see G & C in the back having the time of their lives.  Man am I going to miss summer.

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  1. For anyone out there who cares… the pic above is in fact the G-man’s bike. How cool is that? I had a damn banana boat seat on my first bike. How times have changed!

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