Damn Was That Fun

Pip & Chewie Pose DownWarning: This is going to be one sappy post.

One of the really crappy things about growing up is that people have a tendency to move away from one another and friendships are tested.  It becomes hard work sometimes to maintain a friendship (though Facebook has made it easier to keep in touch).  I’m happy to say that Pip and I have never had that problem.

A couple of weeks back I headed out for my (nearly) yearly trip to Indy to spend the weekend with Pip (and now the lovely Lauren).  I got in town on Friday evening just in time for dinner.  The three of us then proceeded to sit around the dinner table until about 2:00 AM bullshitting and drinking… lots.  Pip and I polished off 20 beers between us, Lauren was a champ with her wine and we even did a couple of shots.  I tell you what… as I get older I tend to enjoy those quiet evenings with friends much more than a night out.  Not to mention the fact that those nights out are becoming increasingly difficult to bounce back from.  In retrospect Pip and I probably should have manned up and drank two more beers a piece to finish a case but we were pretty tore up.  We now officially have our first goal for next year’s Beeramid: 1 case = 1 night.

Saturday was full of geeky goodness including a wrestling DVD, plenty of Rockband and a trip to BW3 with Buford and Corey to watch the Hoosiers battle Buckeyes.  We didn’t get the win but DAMN was it fun.  Sunday came way too quickly and it was back home to C-Town to see my family.  It’s always sad when the Pip/Chewie weekend comes to an end but it’s super exciting to know that the next one is already on the calendar.  WrestleMania 26 is scheduled for March 28th, 2010.  See you then bro!

And yes… for those keeping track.  Pip is wearing the WWF World Championship belt circa WrestleMania III and I’m wearing the WCW World Title also known as “The Big Gold Belt”.

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  1. Oh come on! You can’t NOT post it now!!! Incidentally we may have a problem timing wise with WM 26. That’s the same weekend as C’s birthday party. Might have to do the next week and watch the replay OR we could possibly do Rumble (scheduled for Jan 31st). Got time to decide…

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