Diet Pop, Soda, Pepsi, Etc.

Diet Pepsi DispenserOK.  Some people call it soda, some call it pop, some call it Pepsi, others still call it a soft drink.  Just so we’re clear, I’m talking about the stuff that comes in a can/bottle that’s oh so refreshing.

So here’s my question — what the hell’s so damn bad about it?  I’ve seen the emails about how it eats through bolts and can get blood off the highway.  I’m not referring to that.  Why is it so bad from a dieting perspective?  If I’m on a diet why SHOULDN’T I drink this stuff?  It’s got no carbs, no sugar, no caffeine and no calories.  So why should I stay away from it?

No honestly… I’m looking for an answer here.  Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

One thought on “Diet Pop, Soda, Pepsi, Etc.

  1. Being a cola (Pepsi) drinker. I researched this awhile back and this is what I found…The major reason cola’s are bad for you is the extremely high acidity. The pH for colas is around 3.4, strong enough to dissolve teeth and bones. (as you get older, your gonna’ want those) The acid is also due to high mineral contents, and high mineral intake can lead to, kidney stones. Not to mention that the high acid level is the main cause of tooth decay. That’s right it’s not the sugar in cola that will cause cavities it’s the high acidity.

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