Don’t Look Now But I’m A Soccer Dad

Soccer DadNot sure when it happened but I woke up the other day and I’ve got a wife of 11 years, a 3 year old and a 1 year old.  The 3 year old is already through his first season of t-ball, has started pre-school and is on his second week of soccer season.  I spent Saturday morning at the soccer field (in the rain) watching G chase the ball around while I chased C around.  I don’t have a mini van yet but I can tell you that the back seat of my car contains two car seats.  Saturday isn’t about football (until little G is old enough to play flag football).  Monday is “garbage” night and Thursday is simply known as “cutting day”.  I sure can be juvenile at times but without even knowing it I went and became an adult.  And dammit if I’m not enjoying every single moment.

Never fear though… A’s been nice enough to give me a free pass this weekend.  I’m headed back to Indy to see Pip.  Should be interesting!!!

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