Drive Through People – Please… Wipe Off My Drink

The Drive ThroughI’m a pretty level-headed guy.  I tend to live my life with an “is what it is” or “roll with the punches” approach.  There are not too many things that really piss me off.  This happens to be one of them.

You drive through your favorite drive through and get your favorite tasty beverage.  Invariably they hand you your drink and straw and there’s pop all over the outside of the cup!  What… the… fuck!  Is is so difficult to poor Pepsi, Coke, Mountain Dew, etc. into a cup and NOT get it all over the place?  And if you do splash some of it on the cup would it be so difficult to take 4 seconds and wipe it off?

I’m not sure, I’ve never worked a drive through.  Maybe I’m being unreasonable.  Let me know.

3 thoughts on “Drive Through People – Please… Wipe Off My Drink

  1. Its the carbonation that makes it a little tricky. Getting the cup full enough to a point where the customer won’t bitch while doing so in a timely fashion requires a bit of overflow, unless you want to stare at the glass for 20 seconds waiting for the bubbles to go down. (Which I’ve done many times contemplating where I’ve gone wrong in my life) As for the wipe down, I agree with you. It shouldn’t be that hard to keep clean towels available, but I’ll be damned if ten minutes into my shift every last towel is already dirty and soaked in various liquids. Now I’ve never worked in a drive thru establishment, but I imagine similarities cross all food service lines.

    There’s my two cents. I expect change

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