Episode II: Attack Of G & C

The Boys Watching Attack Of The ClonesIf you know me even a little bit, you know that Star Wars is a big part of my childhood.  It’s partially the reason that my friends know me as Chewie and regardless of the sham that the franchise has become, I feel it’s my duty as a parent to expose my children to the films.

So… when the Wife goes out for an evening and it’s G, C and I holding down the fort, we have a tendency to watch some Star Wars after they get ready for bed.  At this point, they’ve seen 5 of the 6 films (Revenge of the Sith being the only one that I won’t let them see due to head and hand chopping, immolation, etc.)

It seems that regardless of my best efforts telling them how bad the prequels suck balls, they are still drawn to those films.  So the other night, they get ready for bed and ask if they could watch Star Wars for a couple of minutes before bed.  I needed to clean up the kitchen, so after a double-check to ensure that their rooms were clean (cause you know… sometimes these guys say stuff that isn’t quite true) I told them they could and asked which they’d like to watch.

To my continued dismay, they chose Episode II, though to be fair realizing they only had a few minutes before bed, they decided to fast forward to the best scene of the movie: The Jedi battle scene.  For those of you not familiar with this scene, it’s where a whiny Anakin and a mullet-clad Obi-Wan Kenobi try to take down Dracula… er… Count Dooku.  Naturally, they get their asses handed to them and then Yoda (the baddest man on any planet) has to come in and save them.  This was the first time in the Star Wars saga that we were shown Yoda in any sort of a fight, so even though I can’t stand the prequels in general this is still one of the scenes that I’ll stop and watch.

What I was treated to was one of my proudest moments as a parent… enjoy!

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