George Michael Photobombed My Kids

It’s been quite some time since I’ve done anything that I’d consider “family blogging”.  That’s certainly not because we don’t have anything going on in the Chewie household… FAR from it.  It’s more a function of me being too busy to get anything done and blogging here at 406 had sadly fallen by the waste side.  I’ve got a slew of ideas for upcoming posts so I’m hoping I’ll be a better blogger for the rest of this year and in to 2014.

That said, I ran across something that I simply have to share.

We took the kids on an impromptu / surprise trip to Kalahari last weekend.  If you’re not familiar, Kalahari is an amazing indoor water park in Sandusky, OH that has water slides, arcades, an animal park and a whole lot more.  Needless to say, the boys were thrilled (even more so when they found out they’d get to miss a day of school) and we got our bags packed and we were on our way.

Once we arrived, SuperDad had to perform some on the spot tooth extraction as G’s bottom tooth was literally sideways and we wanted to make sure we didn’t lose it in the pool.  After said tooth extraction, it was off to the races where we played in the water, rode the slides (including the boys’ favorite they affectionately referred to as “The Toilet”) and generally had an awesome time at the park.

By the time we got around to thinking about dinner, we were exhausted and super hungry.  We decided to go to one of the restaurants in the resort because it was close and it was absolutely FREEZING outside and the thought of getting the car wasn’t all that appealing.

After a nice dinner, the boys miraculously had some energy back and managed to find a “stage” they could dance on toward the back of the restaurant.  The place we were in was playing some 80’s / 90’s tunes so A and I were enjoying it, and the kids have never found a stage they wouldn’t dance on.

And now we come to the point of this post. As I was reviewing the picture I took of the boys, I looked at the background…

George Michael Photobomb

Dear George Michael: You may be a great “father figure” and all, but please stay out of my family photos.

This leads to an additional question: What video IS this?

I don’t think it was Father Figure.  I don’t remember that song playing the restaurant and even if it was I don’t think that’s a  song the boys would be dancing to.

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