Got Midgets?

Chewie & The Midgets
Beautiful Bobby, Me & Little Kato

I recently attended an Akron Aeros ballgame on a beautiful August evening in downtown Akron.  And while it was fun to watch the game at a great ballpark (Akron lost… I think) the “main event” for the evening was a different sport altogether.  Two words… midget…. wrestling.

Now before you get your panties in a bunch about me using the term “midget” let me remind you that the event was promoted by the Aeros as “Midget Wrestling Night” and the performers were wearing shirts that said, “Got Midgets?”  I figured if they were comfortable with the term then who the hell am I to say otherwise?

I went to the team shop to get my “Got Midgets?” t-shirt but they were sold out.  In retrospect, this is probably a good thing cause let’s face it… a midget wrestling t-shirt just isn’t a good impulse buy.  However, that trip wasn’t lost as I walked by the ring and got to meet the guys.  Beautiful Bobby and Little Kato were both really nice guys and were more than willing to pose for this picture.  After doing some research I’ve found out that they’re brothers and are the offspring of famous WWF midget wrestler Lord Littlebrook who competed at WrestleMania III.  They’re also on a show on Spike called Half Pint Brawlers… very cool.

So after the game ended and the not so cool people went home, it was time for the main event.  I took a couple of videos so I’ll stop typing now cause I really can’t do it justice.  Without further fanfare, I give you… midget wrestling.

It’s almost time…

Crowd getting restless…

In come the midgets…

Up to the top rope!

A new WORLD champion!!!!

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