Harry Hamlin Made Me Smile (in 2010)

Kratos vs. Perseus
Kratos vs. Perseus

Me, not unlike other guys my age, grew up watching certain movies over and over and over again. Whenever they were on TV, no matter what point you caught them you would probably finish watching until the credits began to roll. One of these movies for me was “Clash of the Titans“. I remember that fondly as being my introduction to Greek mythology, which is something I’ve been fascinated with ever since. I even watched the movie (in it’s entirety) within the last couple months, and while the special effects are predictably outdated the story still holds a certain kind of magic to it. I appreciate that it has a younger (but still old) Burgess Meredith. Jesus… was that guy ever young? I wish he would’ve been in more movies. Rocky was amazing. I’m getting off track…

Like movies, I obviously have a love for video games. One of which being the God of War series on Playstation, which seems fairly obvious because of it’s primary subject matter BEING Greek mythology. I’m playing through God of War 2 on the PS3 to prepare for the upcoming sequel and reached a level where the main character (Kratos) is forced to fight Perseus, the hero from the “Clash of the Titans”. I had no idea this was coming, so I was delighted by the instant nostalgia. It’s a relatively tough battle, as Perseus is well equipped with the famous items the gods gifted with from the movie (the sword, shield, and helmet of invisibility). During the cut scene that led up to the fight, there was some kind of strange familiarity that made it all seem especially nostalgic. After finishing the level, I had a crazy hunch and looked up God of War 2 on IMDB. Low and behold, Harry Hamlin himself reprises his (voice) role as Perseus. I couldn’t help but admire the undeniable coolness of that moment. Is it hard to believe that Harry Hamlin is doing voice acting for video games? Not especially. Is it awesome that someone at a round-table production meeting for this game probably halfheartedly suggested that they get him to do the voice… and they actually did? By the gods… yes.

4 thoughts on “Harry Hamlin Made Me Smile (in 2010)

  1. Nice discovery! I am, like you, a big fan of Clash of the Titans movie and also of the God of War series. I just finished GoW2 in prep for GoW3 and this was an interesting piece of trivia.

  2. I’m about 75% (or so) through GoW3 and I can tell you it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played. The graphics are unparalleled, and the gameplay has been tweaked just enough to provide fun new options all the while maintaining the integrity of the earlier games. Enjoy!

  3. great discovery i was amazed when i heard harry hamlins in a video game taking up the role as perseus once again im also a big fan of greek mythology

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