Have A Seat Pup

Dogs In The RoadAnother one straight out of the “I couldn’t make this shit up” file.  We were headed out to my folks house for Sunday dinner last night.  They live “out in the country” a ways so it’s pretty common to see animals (specifically deer) as we make our way to their house.  As we crested over a hill, my wife pointed out that there was something up ahead crossing the street and told me to slow down (what would I ever do without her helping me drive?)

As were about a half mile away, we assumed it was deer.  As I slowed down I realized it was none other than a couple of dogs.  As I approached, not only did they not move (after repeated horn honking) but the larger of the two actually sat down in the middle of the road and looked at me!  So not only is this dog not smart enough to move when a car comes along, but he’s also arrogant enough to completely ignore me when I honk at him.

I’m happy to report that when we came home a few hours later the dogs were out of the road (though they were still sitting along the side of the road just checking stuff out).  Stupid animals.

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