Honestly? The Doggie Doo?

Doggie Doo GameI ran across this little gem the other day and it compelled me to write.  Regardless of my social media banterings, I tend to be a little bit slow on the uptake on these sorts of “phenomenons”.

  • I’d never heard of a Leap Pad until the wife told me I had to be at Target five mornings a week before 8:00 AM to get one.
  • I’d never heard of The Elf On The Shelf until last year (Charlie in our house for those keeping track).
  • I have no idea what Pinterest is or why I would want to use it.

That’s just a few examples and I’m sure there are countless others.  But I digress.  I ran across this (excuse the pun) piece of shit the other day: The Doggie Doo.  Apparently it’s one of this Christmas season’s hottest toys.  Seeing as I’d never heard of it, I’ve obviously never played it, but from what I can gather it involves feeding this dog some play dough like substance until it shits.  The first player who collects 3 “messes” wins.

The website – www.doggiedoogame.com – will tell you all about the game, show you some videos, tell you where to buy it and enthrall you with content like this:

“You can only pick up the dog’s mess when it has fallen on the table. When it is hanging outside the end of the dog, just tap him on the back until it drops.”

“If Doggie Doo has stomach problems, and no mess is coming out of the dog, feed him just one more time with the correct amount of food and it should push it out.”

Please allow me to bang my head against my desk for a moment at this scatalogical entry into pop culture.  I can only thank God that my kids haven’t caught wind of this yet.

I’ve gotta ask a few questions here:

  1. Creepy KidsWhat parent honestly thinks this is a good toy?  I mean lets face it, at least Everyone Poops (My Body Science) has some redeeming value as an educational tool. This just seems rather silly to me.
  2. How creepy is the photo on the right?  I spose it’s not too bad until you realize it was taken from a toy that promotes dogs pooping so you can win.  Gives a new meaning to Charlie Sheen’s “winning” doesn’t it?
  3. Where can I get one?  After all, it’s only a matter of time until the boys are thinking about nothing else… crap.


4 thoughts on “Honestly? The Doggie Doo?

  1. OH MY GOD!!! I have not seen this yet….but that is ridiculous….and also effing hilarious! I sort of want to buy one…now just to pin point I could do this to.

  2. I bought this game for my son it worked for about a week and then the dog became constipated. Now it will not work at all apparently the slime you feed the dog hardens after a while and stops the dog up.

  3. i got 1 for christmas it got stuck i pushed the leash didnt help i tried giving more food didnt help even tried pouring water didnt help! ugh id like to try again but its sort of a piece of junk!

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