Hopeful Walk Around Glen Meadow Park

Glen Meadow ParkI was at the park this evening with my two older boys and I took a walk around. There was a group practicing soccer. There was another group playing basketball. There was a third playing softball and yet and fourth practicing cricket.

These groups were made up of young and old people. Black and white people. Males and females. The were all there… and it got me to thinking.

This is the America I’m proud to call home.

This is the America I’m glad we raise our children in.

This is the America that we should strive for.

We live in a world of increasing rhetoric, a constant news cycle where you can’t believe anything you read or see on TV. I’ve lost hope in our political system. It’s broken, in my opinion, beyond repair. The last several years have proven that to me.

BUT THIS.  This simply walk around the park.  This gives me hope for our children’s future.

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