How I Saved $110 On My iPads

Our New iPads Still In The PackagesThe Wife and I had our birthdays last week. We had an absolutely outstanding week and weekend celebrating with family and friends. Her computer is on its last leg so I went ahead and got her an iPad. Based on her computer usage, I’m guessing this will essentially replace her laptop. I also splurged and picked up one for myself. I could tell you it was a “business expense” cause I wanted to do testing for my client’s sites on the mobile platform, blah, blah, blah. They’re just cool as hell and I wanted one and hey… it was my birthday! 🙂

Anyhow… The Apple iPad essentially never goes on sale which is 100% Apple’s doing. Can’t really blame them though. People are standing in line for hours every time they release a new product. Why bother with sales? So, about a week before The Wife’s birthday (look at me.. a whole week in advance!), I went online to BestBuy, added 2 to my cart (one white and one black in case you care), added a couple of cases and checked out. I made sure to put in my Reward Zone number so I got a shit ton of points which would eventually lead to Best Buy gift certificates… score.

I ended up giving Wife her presents late on Friday evening so we didn’t rip into them right away. Saturday was completely booked with a trip to a water park with the boys and fireworks at night so Sunday morning the iPads sat there yet unopened. As we ate breakfast on Sunday morning, we were perusing the paper and ran across an add from Target where they were running a special where if you bought an iPad they’d give you a $30 Target gift card. #winning

So, we loaded everyone in the car, went to Target and bought 2 MORE iPads, cases and this time a couple of screen protectors (Though not sure if we’re going to keep them… any thoughts if we should or not?). Upon checkout, we got two $30 gift cards which will go to use MUCH quicker than the Best Buy gift certificates would have. I then went over to Best Buy to return my original order. An interesting note here, I was told at Best Buy that they would match any pricing including Amazon. So, if I wanted, I could have gotten $60 worth of Best Buy gift cards, in addition to my Reward Zone certificates. However, as I said we shop MUCH more often at Target than we ever do at Best Buy. In fact, come to think of it, about the only time I ever go to Best Buy is when Pip and I make our yearly trip there to pick up the previous year’s WrestleMania DVD.

But wait… that’s only $60. So Sunday evening, we had dinner with some friends so yet again the iPads sat unopened. Wife had a stroke of brilliance… if we open a Target card, we get 5% off our purchases! So… she took the receipts in, returned, opened the card, repurchased and BAM. Another $50 in savings.

And FINALLY… I get to open my iPad!

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