If I Could Travel Back In Time One Year

Time Travel

We’re more than a year into the pandemic at this point. Today marks the one year anniversary of the podcast (I’ll be recording tonight). So much has changed in this past year it’s not even funny. I ran across this FB post, originally posted on October 26th, 2020 and wanted to share. As we near the end(?) of this absolutely ridiculous period I hope you’ve managed to stay safe, healthy and sane and that you take some of things below to heart… I know I will.

Amy Weatherly

If I could travel back in time one year, here are all the things I’d tell myself:

  • Take the trip. Trust me, just go. Take an airplane, take your car. Spend a lot. Spend a little. See the mountains. See the beach. Just go.
  • Get to know your neighbors really well. Your relationship with them is more important than you think.
  • Spend more time with the people you love, and less time being busy with stuff that really doesn’t matter. A busy calendar will not show up on your doorstep to help you out in a crisis.
  • Eat at the restaurant. Get all the chips and salsa you possibly can. Share from the same bowl as other people and treat it like the treasure that it is.
  • Learn how to do math the new way.
  • Don’t stress out about stuff you can’t control—just enjoy life as it is.
  • Invest more in the people who genuinely love you exactly as you are. Invest in the ones who can tolerate your differences and give you the benefit of the doubt. Invest in the ones who care more about your heart than a political party.
  • Love em all, but let go of the ones who aren’t loyal.
  • Pray. Like a lot. Pray in the morning when you wake up, and after you drop the kids off at school. Pray in the afternoon and when you pick the kids up. Pray when you are working, and when you’re making snacks and when you go to bed at night.
  • Prioritize people.
  • Don’t take little stuff for granted like smiles at strangers in Target, and conversations with the other moms at pickup, and toilet paper.
  • Throw the birthday party. Enjoy eating the cake your kid just spit all over.
  • Do not take your stress out on your husband. I repeat…do not take your stress out on your husband. Don’t pick fights with him just because your anxiety is boiling. He is your partner, your best friend, and your favorite person on this planet.
  • Hug everybody more.
  • Buy tickets to the concert.
  • Spoil your kids’ teachers with gifts, and appreciation.
  • Look into some Charmin stock. Possibly Lysol too.
  • Learn to speak loudly and clearly.
  • Let family who lives far away come visit as much as they want.
  • Don’t make fun of germaphobes.
  • I know you’re pretty introverted, and I know you love staying home, but stop looking for excuses to decline the invitation. You don’t have a fever. You aren’t too tired. You do have plenty of things to wear. GO. Go to the girls nights, go to the birthday parties, go to the fundraisers and the events. For crying out loud—go to Target and the grocery store if someone asks you to come along.
  • Save some of the Netflix shows. You don’t have to watch them all at once.
  • Spend less money on junk.
  • Teach your kids how to play by themselves.
  • Don’t freak out when a relationship doesn’t work out the way you thought it would. Don’t waste time being angry, or bitter. Forgive them fast, and thank God for the season, the lessons you learned and the time you had together.
  • Fill up your town’s food banks. Donate every single time you have extra.
  • You’re gonna get more use out of pajamas than that fancy handbag.
  • Get off of social media and live your actual life. Read actual books. Talk with actual people. Have face to face conversations.
  • Save your energy. Don’t get involved in senseless drama, and don’t play around with people who are trying to stir up trouble just because they’re bored. Chaos may be banging on the door, but you don’t have to answer it.
  • Be content.
  • Trust Jesus. Remember that faith really isn’t the absence of problems, and it isn’t denying the existence of an obstacle. That’s ignorance—not faith. Faith is looking directly at the mountain and believing God has already prepared a way around it. Practice peace. Bring joy with you wherever you go.


This is really powerful.  As I said before I hope you and yours have made it through this relatively unscathed. Cheers friends.

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