Indiana University Homecoming 2002

Indiana University Homecoming 2002 (21)I almost missed it! Sorry I’m WAY late in the day, but here’s your weekly Throwback Thursday spot on 406. Today we take a peak at the 2002 Homecoming Game. Well… let’s be honest. We’re actually looking at the tailgate. I’m not sure any of us even made it into the game. (Maybe Gookins… and perhaps Buford for a a quarter or two).

I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again. I’m really glad digital cameras didn’t exist when we were in college. While these pics are tremendous to look at, it’s a mere glimpse of the “fun” we had. And much of that fun is probably best left off film (damn… film? Ugh)

With that, here’s a look at IU Homecoming 2002.

Do you have any other 406 related photos? Send em my way!

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