It’s Diet Pepsi… Is That So Hard?

Diet Pepsi DispenserI don’t go to the drive through much these days.  I like to limit my “bad” caloric intake to beer so I tend to stay away from the McDonald’s of the world.  But every now and then I’ll roll through just cause I’m thirsty and want to grab a quick drink.  Now… I’ve never worked the drive through window before, but I would THINK that pouring a drink would probably be the easiest order you could receive.  Right?

Naturally, when I roll up and order nothing but a Diet Pepsi (or Coke), I assume I’m going to get a Diet Pepsi.  I can’t even tell you how often I get a regular.  Folks… I realized that the two dispensers are probably right next to each other, but is this really that difficult?  I mean, I’ve been to Subway.  I’ve poured my own drink before.  I can honestly tell you that I’ve NEVER poured myself a regular when I meant to get a diet.

To compound the situation, when I’m in the car and there’s someone behind me, I get my order and drive away from the window relatively quickly.  Sometimes before I’ve determined if I’m drinking diet or regular.  As Joe Pesci says is Lethal Weapon 2, “They FUCK YOU at the drive through.

No… I don’t play that way.  I don’t care how late I am, I turn around and go back through the drive through and get my diet.  After all, it’s my one item!  In fact, these days I don’t care how many people I’ve got behind me in line.  I’m checking to see that I’ve got diet before I roll away.  Cause that’s how I roll.

I’m not the only one that deals with stuff like this am I?

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