Jackopierce – Everywhere All The Time

Jackopierce - Everywhere All The Time (2012)I don’t buy much music these days, and the instances of me buying a full album are even fewer and further between.  However, when Jackopierce comes out with a new album I make an exception every time.  This album – Everywhere All The Time – was long delayed and highly anticipated and I’m happy to say that it didn’t disappoint.  In general this is a much more “poppy” album that I’m used from from the boys.  That said, for a true Jackopierce fan, there will be plenty here for you to enjoy along with some new stuff.  Even though it’s one of my favorite songs, I’m happy that Vineyard wasn’t included here. It’s simply been done too many times at this point. The only reason I’m noting it here is that I downloaded a Noisetrade Exclusive Sampler prior to this album coming out and it included Vineyard.  I’m sure that was just to entice new listeners, but for this long time fan I’m happy to have a break.

I honestly don’t know what the relationship status is with either Jack O’Neil or Cary Pierce (married, family, girlfriend, etc.) but it’s clear when listening to their albums that they’ve had angst and are singing from the heart.  I’m a big lyrics guy which is why I gravitate to JP.  Even the lighter stuff has good lyrics that tends to tell a story… I like that.

Into Me – Very poppy out of the gate.  Cary on lead vocals gives us a hook that I don’t want to really like, but I find myself humming.  More electric here that I’m used to with my JP.  Toward the end I’m definitely getting a little Billy Joel vibe which simply HAS to be by design.  If not it’s an incredible coincidence.

Finally Free – (Jack) Not as much of a pop song, but still very up tempo. It’s amazing to me just how different the songs are when Jack is singing lead as opposed to Cary.  Jack’s tunes seem to be quite a bit more “serious”.  That’s not a knock on Cary… far from it.  It’s quite refreshing actually to have two different types of songs on one album.

Around Me Now – This is the radio song on the album.  This is the “easy listening” type of tune that I think of when I think Jackopierce.  It’s still a bit faster that I’d expect from the guys, but it’s got the acoustic, drums and riff that I’ve come to know and love.

We Can Work It Out – From the first note, this one grabs you.  Tune just explodes out of the gate and we get Jack’s gruff voice.  There are some elements here that you don’t typically here from a pop song (clapping) but it’s CLEARLY a Jackopierce song.

Listen To Me – VERY poppy.  Whistling out of the gate.  The first time I heard this one I have to admit I really didn’t like it.  On subsequent listens it’s turning into one of my favorites.  It’s got a hook to it that’s just infectious.  Listen to this one a couple of times and you’ll be whistling along before you know it.  As I listen again now as I type I’m tapping my toe… that’s a sign of a good tune in my book.  Jack has a definite Leonard Cohen thing going on here.

Alright By Me – Cary on vocals here.  This one might be my least favorite on the album.  We’re 6 songs in and this one’s just a bit too over the top for my tastes. “Smooth like Mellow Yellow, but she burns like alcohol“… OK.

Change Your Mind – We follow up my least favorite with probably my favorite tune.  Great rhythm, good lyrics and a great hook.  Definitely a toe tapper and something I find myself humming well after the song is over.  Still faster than what I’m used to, but I’m realizing that this album is just more up tempo by design.  Good guitar solo here mid song which you don’t typically get from a Jackopierce tune.  Could definitely see this getting radio airplay.

Killin Me – It’s funny… I’ve been saying that this album is more up tempo that I’m used to from Jackopierce.  This one is MUCH slower than the rest of the album.  I’m finally getting what I want, and it just seems to drag.  Not sure if it’s too slow in the context of the album or just too slow for my tastes.

Let Go Of MeTHIS is Jackopierce.  When I think of this band, this is the type of song that I think of.  Nice and mellow, good lyrics, beautiful vocals from both guys and an acoustic sound that I can just sit back and enjoy.  This one isn’t too slow like Killin Me, but it’s not nearly as up tempo as the rest of the album.  “Love has no guarantee. With the love comes the pain.”  I said that Change Your Mind was my favorite… I was wrong.  Perfect.

Lonely – When I listen to the lyrics here I’m getting the Analys Morrisette Ironic vibe.  That’s clearly not what they’re going for, but that always springs to mind.  During the chorus, I’m getting some Holiday Road coming through which is kind of a nice touch.  Who knows… maybe I’m projecting.  That said, I’m digging this song.  For those of you that know the reference, this would be a great Stone Carnival song.

Three Of Us In A Boat (reggae version) – This is one of my favorite JP tunes.  In fact, the last version on Live From Atlanta is probably my favorite version. I’m also a big fan of reggae music (The Wife and I went to Jamaica on our honeymoon). That said, this one just isn’t quite working for me. I can appreciate the guys going for something a bit different and you can tell by listening to them that they had fun doing it. It’s a fun song and I like the fact that they threw in a non-Vinyard old song for us JP loyalists but this one was “close but no cigar”.

This is a very solid album.  We start out strong, have a bit of a speedbump in the middle with Alright By Me but end incredibly strong.  I said it quite a few times but this a very “poppy” album but that’s definitely not a bad thing.  I’m a fan of live music so I can’t put this studio album at the top of my Jackopierce list but I’ll definitely add it to my JP rotation.  If you’re not yet, follow the guys on Twitter

If you’re a fan I’d definitely recommend picking this one up. You can get it on iTunes or directly from their site at jackopierce.com.  Have you heard this one yet?  What do you think?

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