Jackopierce Live From Atlanta

Jackopierce - Live From AtlantaFor years, one of my favorite bands has been Jackopierce.  I started listening to them in high school and have been enjoying their music ever since.  For those of you that don’t know, Jackopierce is made up of Jack O’Neil and Cary Pierce.  The band was formed in 1988 while they both attended college in Dallas.  They recorded 6 albums including my favorite Live From The Americas before going their separate ways in 1998.  Pip hipped me to the fact that Cary Pierce put out a live album last year (which is phenomenal).

Lo and behold, Jack and Cary are back at it again!  They’ve released a new studio album, an acoustic version of that same album and a new live album as well!  I can’t tell you how good it is to hear JP live once again.  There’s plenty on the track list for old school fans and there’s some new stuff as well.  It’s obvious that the guys are having fun once again.  The show was recorded as an album kickoff for Promise Of Summer at Eddie’s Attic in Atlanta, Georgia.  From the album sleeve, “This CD was recorded completely live – direct to CD.  What the audience heard is what you get – no overdubs, no studio wizardry.”  Being a huge fan of live music I love this.  Totally brings me back to those small-venue shows of my college years (Bluebird anyone?)

The album isn’t available on iTunes so if you want to pick it up you’ll have to visit their online store: jackopierce.bigcartel.com Totally worth it.  Here’s a track listing:

1. Eddies Intro
2. Get To Know Me Better
3. Rain
4. Late Shift
5. Please Come To Boston
6. Speedos 1976
7. PS Story
8. Promise of Summer
9. I’m a Jack O’Neill Fan
10. I Gotta Know
11. First Timers/Zip Line/Outstanding….
12. My Time
13. 17 Words
14. March Intro
15. March
16. Free
17. Wildflower
18. Trials Intro
19. Trial
20. Advent
21. Request Line
22. Deviated Set List
23. Jokey Jems
24. Jack Loves Cary
25. But Seriously…
26. I’m A Man
27. Vineyard Story
28. Vineyard
29. Sweet Ocean
30. Three Of Us Intro
31. Three Of Us In A Boat

If you’re a fan of Jacokpierce you owe it to yourself to pick this one up.  If you’re not but you enjoy good live, acoustic music then pick it up… you’ll enjoy it!  Here’s hoping the guys don’t take another 12 years off before their next album!

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