Jackopierce – Mile High – Live From Soiled Dove In Denver

Mile High - Live From Soiled Dove in DenverA while back, I reviewed a live album by one of my favorite bands Jackopierce.  I don’t buy a ton of music these days (an album here, a song there) but when I find a band that I enjoy I pretty much get everything that’s available by them.  I absolutely LOVE live music, so when I saw that these guys were  putting out another live album I jumped at it.

I bought this one directly from iTunes but it’s also available for purchase on their site as well: jackopierce.bigcartel.com/product/mile-high-1035 Here’s the description from iTunes:

Another great live CD for the collection. This was a really fun, loose show – ripe with Colorado references, extended jams, stories and general tomfoolery. Recorded live at the Soiled Dove on May 9, 2009 directly to CD. Though they had to edit out some songs and chatter there are no overdubs, tuning or studio wizardry. What the audience heard is what you you’ll hear.

As I’ve said in the past, I’m a big fan of these guys, but this is not their best offering.  It’s difficult not to compare it to Live From Atlanta but the similarities are too great not to.  The set list is pretty similar though this show is shorter and seems a bit less “organic”.  The chatter between songs isn’t nearly the quality that it is on Atlanta and there are a couple of times where Jack and Carry just seem out of sorts.  As an example Vineyard just seems to stop mid song.  That said, they’ve done that song so many times on so many albums that not hearing it isn’t too much of a loss (though it’s still one of my favorites).

Even though there’s some bad, there’s quite a bit of good as well.   JP’s cover of Please Come To Boston is quickly becoming of my favorites and hearing Jacob live (especially with this intro) is always a treat.  Here’s the full track list:

1 Everything I’m Not
2 Trials
3 Woman As Salvation
4 Valencia
5 Late Shift
6 Jack’s Gratitude
7 Please Come To Boston
8 Forces
9 You Make A Sign!
10 Come On July
11 Swallowing Teeth
12 March
13 Promise Of Summer
14 Weather
15 Vineyard
16 Free
17 Still Awake
18 Wildflower
19 I’ve Seen Him Around…
20 Twinkle My Nose…
21 Jacob Intro
22 Jacob
23 Finest Hour Snippet/Story
24 Get To Know Me

If you’re looking to get your first live Jackopierce album I’d suggest you skip this one and go with Live From The Americas or Live From Atlanta which will both give you a better JP “experience” than this one will.  However, this is definitely not a BAD show by any stretch of the imagination (just not quite as good as those are).  This is a nice mellow show that you can kick back and relax to.  Personally I’m looking forward to whatever these guys put out.

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