Jerry Springer On RAW – Another Bad Idea From WWE

Jerry Springer On RAWI really don’t like to be a complainer.  Honestly… I don’t. I watch professional wrestling (WWE & TNA) because I enjoy the product. I hate to be one of those guys that does nothing but bitch and I always try to find the good in any story line or angle.  But this shit has to stop.

The WWE apparently has woken up in the mid 90s because they’re promoting the fact that Jerry Springer… yes, that Jerry Springer… is going to be on its flagship program tonight.  They’re injecting Jerry Springer into an angle that’s alreayd being jammed down our throats – the feud between the Bella Twins (yawn).  I’m just happy that one of them got new boobs so now I can tell them apart.

And while there’s always been a Jerry Springer ness to WWE programming, this really rubs me the wrong way.  The WWE has been making some pretty poor decisions lately and this is yet another example.

You know what REALLY irritates me?  Tonight’s show SHOULD really be pretty good.  We’re goign to get Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns in a rematch from SummerSlam as well as Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt in a steel cage.  Yet, I check my inbox and I’m getting THIS from the WWE trying to promote their show?  That says a lot about what they think of their product right about now.

This is akin to a few weeks back when instead of hyping up one of their biggest PPVs of they year (SummerSlam) we were treated to a Hulk Hogan birthday celebration. What… the… FUCK?!?!  You can read my thoughts on Hogan here.

Does the WWE know they’re going to get destroyed in the ratings tonight as they’re going up against not one but two NFL games?  Why are they completely throwing away the “wrestling” portion of their show in their promotion?

Am I off base here and just being a grumpy wrestling fan?

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