June 2014 Tweetup Recap – Back & Better Than Ever

For the first time since NOVEMBER, the 2nd Wednesday of the month meant it was Annex Tweetup night! The June  Annex Tweetup was held on Wednesday, June 11th.  Many of the regulars returned, some new folks came out as well.  I can only speak for myself, but it was totally awesome (I’ve been told I overuse the word “tremendous”) to see everyone again.  If you’ve never joined us for a tweetup, or worse yet have never experience the Annex I’d implore you to make a visit.

In attendance for the June tweetup were:

@Case4Cleveland, @brad4word, @Dizzle729
@SeanNowlin & @HeyAmie

And making his first appearance at an Annex Tweetup was @Rickonia

Here’s just a few of the pictures that came out of the evening’s festivities:

As you know, a “Tweetup” is a “meetup” of a group of friends that met on Twitter… hence… Tweetup.  I don’t want you to think we stop tweeting when we’re together in person.  Here’s some of the 140 character gems that were generated that night.

  • No idea who that is. #OldWhiteGuy “@GirlFromThe216: 2 Chainz is playing @AnnexBar. My life is complete.”
  • “All these Cleveland people are following me tonight. They’re going to be so disappointed.” ~ @HeyAmie
  • I just misspelled Cleveland so bad that my autocorrect couldn’t figure it out. @AnnexBar
  • Are you watching… The HOCKEY game ?!?! @Case4Cleveland
  • @HeyAmie @Case4Cleveland @406Northlane @brad4word @Dizzle729 @GirlFromThe216 you’ve been x’d
  • I drank a lot of beer last night in preparation for drinking a lot of beer tonight. I’m a planner.
  • “I like the round ones” #annextweetup
  • I’m not from here.
  • Kinda interesting that the other door in this bathroom bar leads to the kitchen. #annextweetup
  • It’s all about who you let know what.
  • If you’re driving a windowless van after 8pm, I trust you 0%.
  • My claim to fame is being the only person ever to get cut off from @AnnexBar #badgeofhonor
  • I only retweeted your tweet so everyone could see your typos and grammar mistakes.
  • Hey Full moon for the @AnnexBar tweet up? Oh shit, here we go…
  • Overheard @AnnexBar: “What the fuck! You just dribbled all over me!”
  • Overheard @AnnexBar: “I’m a giant person!”
  • I pass there 13 times a day and always say I want to go in there” it’s the place to be tonight
  • @AnnexBar #afterhours Basement happened
  • Working on a new Annex t-shirt idea: “You haven’t been to the Annex until you’ve been X’d”
  • There was a guy sitting at our table in the corner, charging his phone. By himself.
  • I just put $20 in the jukebox. I will cut a bitch if anyone skips my songs. I’m here all night, bro #annextweetup
  • “I like the round ones” #annextweetup
  • “Want to go make out?”
    “Yes” #annextweetup
  • It’s 9:00. We’ve already heard Don’t Stop Believing. It’s going to be a long night.
  • I just realized that my bar tab was less than the money I put in the jukebox last night. Because, priorities @AnnexBar
  • All the headache. I mean, all the headache

Tweetups are scheduled for the 2nd Wednesday of every month so mark your calendar for Wednesday, July 9th at 7:00 (ish) PM.  As always, all are welcome to partake even if you’ve never joined us.  Please do… the more the merrier!!!  Come on out and meet some new friends!

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