Lest Ye Think I Have Only One Hellion

C's First AppleReading back over this blog as I sometimes do I realized that I tend to talk a bit more about the Gman than I do about C.  I suppose that’s pretty normal seeing as G is 3 1/2 and C is almost 2.  That being said, I certainly don’t want you to think that C doesn’t get in on the action as well.  Last weekend he did a GREAT job of reminding us that he’s just as much “little boy” as his older brother.

Incident #1

Bath time for C & G.  Both boys were stripped down and waiting for the water to fill up in the tub.  Super Dad made the mistake of taking off C’s diaper too soon and before I know it I look over and C is pissing all over the bathroom floor.  Instinct took over and I did what anyone would do… I reached out to try and stop it.  So now I’m sitting in the bathroom with piss all over the floor, the water running, G yelling, and C smiling a shit eating grin cause he’s peeing all over daddy.

Incident #2

The next day A was taking a shower with the Cman as he absolutely LOVES it.  She was done, got out, dried off and next think I know I’m hearing screaming coming from the bathroom.  Super Dad springs into action flying up the stairs 3 at a time preparing for the worst.  If we’re to refer to the first incident as the “Golden Shower” I suppose we’ll refer to this one as the “Brown Shower”.  Yep… poop everywhere.  Now I’ve changed my fair share of dirty diapers over the years and at this point I’m pretty much immune to it.  But when you actually have to get into to shower to clean off a poopy kid… well, that’s another story all together.

PS – The picture above is C eating his first whole apple.  Dude went from eating cut up apple slices on day to full the next.  He’s a stud.

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