Live Tweeting With An Open Bar Is Outstanding!

Whisky On The Rocks With OlivesI’ve been a really bad blogger lately.  And by “lately” I mean for the past few years. I have a tendency to start blog posts and then never get them done.  As of this writing I’ve got 21 drafts in various states of completion.  This one was started just over a year ago when Wife’s cousin Kim got married on 10/13/2012.  So… I spose this is some sort of weird anniversary present to Kim & Jeff.

The following is a recap of my Twitter timeline from the night of the wedding. I live tweeted a wedding back in June of 2012 and Wife and I had a blast re-reading some of that fun. So… we’ve done the same thing ever since.  Here goes!

  • The #WeddingTweets will commence shortly.  Congrats to Kim & Jeff!!! (@ Inn Walden) 
  • Dude said “man and wife”.  It’s go time!!!
  • Lady… It’s open fucking bar at a wedding reception.  I’m going to bitch slap you on principal if you order another coffee 
  • A picture of sadness.
  • Dear Open Bar… I love you.
  • FML.  Just broke the seal.  3x Jack on the rocks & a champagne.  Red wine for dinner.  Hope that bar opens soon. 
  • Dude in the bathroom just said “I was confused.  It said men on the door.  I was looking for “stallion”.  No shit. 
  • I’m about to go Wolverine Berserker.  The bar STILL isn’t open. 
  • First dance coming up.  After that… all bets are off. 
  • First dance done.  Father of the bride now.  Christ. 
  • So far above my pay grade it’s retarded.  
  • First song out of the gate “Let’s Get It Started”… In my best white guy voice “It’s on!!!” 
  • Go Johnny go!!!
  • There is quite literally nothing funnier than an old white dude dancing at a wedding.  Sincerely, a not quite old white dude.
  • @ThatKevinSmith at a wedding and ABC just came on.  It’s forever a Clerks 2 jam!!!
  • There’s a white dude here in a PURPLE suit. #joker 
  • Gundham style!!!
  • Line dancing has started.  White people dancing!!!
  • Had to be done… Party Rock has arrived.
  • At first I was afraid… I was petrified.
  • Thunder… THUNDER STRUCK!!! #ACDC
  • Note: when you put a pair of cat ears on a bridesmaid it immediately goes from bridesmaid to WHORE.
  • Sweet Home.  Big wheels keep on turnin!
  • I knot sure there anything more pathetic than a white boy dancing to “Play That Funky Music White Boy”
  • I shit you not… I’m currently listening to “The Wheels On The Bus” by request
  • We’ve arrived at Call Me Maybe.
  • I almost stopped believing there for a moment.  Luckily… Journey is here!!!
  • Party Rock PART 2 by request.  FML.
  • I’ve had enough.  Come On Eileen was the last straw.

In looking through my drafts I realize I’ve got yet ANOTHER wedding tweet post ready to roll.  Hopefully I’ll get it posted before THAT one year anniversary.  Lucky for me I’ve got until next July to get that one posted.

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