Macho Man To The WWE Hall Of Fame Finally?

Macho Man PointingReports are coming out from TMZ and other news sources that on tonight’s edition of Monday Night RAW, the WWE will announce its first entry into the 2015 WWE HOF Class and it will be none other than Randy “Macho Man” Savage!

This is YEARS too late in my book but I’m happy that it appears as if it’s going to happen. I posted this plea directly to Vince and crew back when Randy passed away in May of 2011:

“Vince… do the right thing.
Put Macho Man in the WWE Hall Of Fame NOW.  It’s long overdue.”

It was long overdue then… and it’s every more overdue now. I can only hope that the reports we’re hearing are true.  If they are I’ll be super excited.

And ther’es really only one thing to say… OOOOOH YEA!!!

Macho Man Ooh Yeea

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