Meeting Barry Bostwick – The Good Guys Always Win

Chewie & Barry BostwickIf you’ve read my stuff here you know that I’m a bit of a geek.  I tend to get a bit lost in my childhood and have a tendency to like some stuff that’s a tad bit out of the norm.  One example of this is my love for the 80’s action flick MegaForce.  It’s a supremely terrible film that I happen to absolutely love.  In fact, I listed is as #1 on my list of guilty pleasure movies.

A couple of weeks back, I traveled to Indianapolis for my yearly visit with brother Pip and this year happened to coincide with a horror / pop-culture show in Indianapolis called HorrorHound Weekend.  You can see Pip’s recap over at ScareTissue here and my full recap here.

However, THIS post is about one thing… and one thing only.  My love for MegaForce and it’s lead… Barry Bostwick.  Bostwick played Ace Hunter who as a spandex-clad leader dropped some incredible lines and managed to save the day in the end.

Barry was incredible gracious and took time to not only sign my autograph and pose for a picture, but actually engaged me in a conversation about my shirt!  He asked me what KTC was all about, and once I told him he launched into a discussion about e-cigarettes, how difficult it was for his son to quit nicotine and what a great thing KTC sounded like.

I have to say I was blown away by Barry and just how nice he was.  You hear stories all the time about how celebrities turn out to be dicks when you actually meet them and this couldn’t have been further from the truth with Barry.  I know that the majority of the folks who were looking to meet Barry probably know him from Rocky Horror or Spin City but he still whipped out the “The good guys always win…” quote without me even asking him.

HUGE thanks to Barry Bostwick for being so awesome to this super fan.  It was an absolutely amazing experience that I won’t soon forget.

The weekend didn’t end there… I had another “nightmarish” encounter at the same show.  But that will be covered in another post 🙂

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