My Bound For Glory Picks

Bound For GloryI just got done watching Thursday night’s Impact Wrestling.  One of my favorite wrestling podcasts/websites, The FTW Podcast always gives their picks for upcoming PPVs.  As you know, TNA is having their flagship PPV this weekend called Bound For Glory.  If you’re not familiar with TNA or this particular PPV it’s the most important/biggest PPV for this organization (similar to the way WrestleMania is for the WWE but not nearly as well known).

In any case, on their latest episode, FTW made their picks.  They’re picking what they “think” will happen, rather than what they “want” to happen.  As a smart wrestling fan, these things (what you want vs. what you think) are often at odds.  I try not to be a hater of TNA wrestling cause I happen to think that when the product is good you should give it props.  That said, I do have some pretty serious issues with the way TNA books their stuff.  One of the guys (Garvin I think) kept referring to the “logical” outcome of the matches.  I tended to agree with his logic on almost every match but if there’s one thing that TNA has proven time and time again it’s that “logic” is irrelevant to their booking.

So to that end.  Here are my picks.  I’m determining what’s the “logical” outcome of each match… and then picking the exact opposite.  Will be interesting to see how well I do!

  1. KNOCKOUTS CHAMPIONSHIP: Winter vs. Mickie James vs. Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne
    This one is tough actually.  I’d say the logical thing would be to keep the strap on Winter for a while.  She’s a great heel and having the face chase the heel is always good for business.  It would probably make the least sense to put it on Mickie James (cause she’s the John Cena of TNA).
    MY PICK: Mickie James
  2. X DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP: Austin Aries(c) vs. Brian Kendrick
    It’d make a whole hell of a lot of sense to keep the title on Aries here.  Personally I hate when titles flip flop and I can’t stand Kendrick as a wrestler.  That said…
    MY PICK: Brian Kendrick
  3. WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: Mexican American (c) vs. Ink Inc
    Ink Inc has been out for a while.  TNA actually gave a nice little build to Mexican American over recent weeks.  The logical thing would be to keep the belts on them and build them into monster heels.
    MY PICK: Ink Inc
  4. I QUIT MATCH: AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels
    AJ Styles is (or should be) one of the main guys that TNA builds around.  He’s one of the TNA originals and quite frankly he’s a stud.  Daniels has had the upper hand on Styles over the last few weeks building clearly toward the face finally going over (and hey… faces rarely lose an “I Quit Match” right?)
    MY PICK: Christopher Daniels
  5. FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE: Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray
    Anderson has been flip flopping between face and heel more in the last year than… um… insert some flip flopping reference here.  These days, he’s the tweener face who the crowd is supposed to cheer for.  He challenged Bully Ray in his home town of Philly and getting the win there would propel him back toward the main event.  Let’s face it, Bully Ray will never be a main event guy.  He’s probably one of the top 2-3 heels in the business but doesn’t need that kind of a push.
    MY PICK: Bully Ray
  6. FULL METAL MAYHEM: Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn
    There is absolutely, positively, no fucking reason that Rob Van Dam should lose this match.  I believe that one of the FTW guys said it we be a, “career killing loss” if it were to happen.  I agree completely.
    MY PICK: Jerry Lynn
  7. THE IMMORTAL BATTLES THE ICON: Hulk Hogan fights Sting
    OK… aside from the fact that I watched this match at Starcade 1997 (where it wasn’t great then either, but had a TON of hype going into it) there’s a bunch of other problems with it.  Hogan just can’t go anymore.  It’s not his fault.  Time caught up with him.  I’m worried that this is going to be nothing more than Hart/McMahon from WrestleMania 26 (and that’s a very bad thing).  If Hogan loses, Dixie Carter comes back and there’s a place for story lines to go after Hogan is done in the ring.  If he wins then he and Bischoff remain in charge and things stay the way they are.
    MY PICK: Hulk Hogan
  8. TNA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: Bobby Roode vs. (c) Kurt Angle
    TNA has done an absolutely outstanding job of building Bobby Roode slowly.  They’re pulling out all the stops, showing vignettes and making him LOOK like a champion.  On top of that, Angle has had DUI issues, is planning on trying for the Olympic team and it’s about damn time for some new blood to have that TNA strap.
    MY PICK: Kurt Angle

So there you have it.  My TNA Bound For Glory pick (or more accurately, my anti-picks).  It’ll be super interesting to see how well I do in picking a PPV!  Hey FTW guys… if I beat ya, how about putting ol Chewie in the intro for an episode? 😉

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